Frøken Norge 2011 OR Miss Norway World 2011 will be crowned in June 2011

Road to Miss World 2011

Frøken Norge 2011 will be crowned in June.

20 finalists have been chosen:

Anette Hunstad Frøland from Askim

Anna Zahl from Tromso

Arita Fejzulai from Sarpsborg

Charlotte Svee Hestnes from Trondheim

Ellen Svendsen from Stavanger

Teresa Fay Vålbekk from Oslo

Guro Olaussen from Karasjok

Hanna Burial from Bodo

Hanne Tinderholt Lenes from Trondheim

Ine Drikakisi from Oslo

Iselin Jeanett Eknes from Bergen

Karoline Kalvø from Giske

Guttu Live from London

Malin Unneland from Bergen

Mari Westad from Trondheim

Martha Idrupsen from Tromsø

May-Britt Hagane from Arendal

Nina Fjalestad from Asker

Nora Muqkurtaj from Brandbu

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