Mrs Universe 2011 news - The Quest for MRS. UNIVERSE 2011

The Quest for MRS. UNIVERSE 2011 is on!

Venue: Great Courtyard of the Vilnius University, Vilnius City, Lithuania
Date of Election and Proclamation of Winners: August 21, 2010

Mrs. Universe 2010 - Jennika Hannussari, Finland (3rd from right)
1st runner-up – Nileny Dippton, Dominican Republic (2nd from left)
2nd runner -up – Diana Pothitou, Greece (2nd from right)
3rd runner-up – Yesenia Rodriquez, Venezuela (right)
4th runner-up – Alla Grigoryan, Armenia (3rd from left)

Mrs. European Union 2010 – Elena Karakoleva (Bulgaria)
Mrs. Intelligence 2010 – Engr. Muriel Moral-Pandi (Philippines)

Mrs. Friendship – Elvira Figaroa (Netherlands)
Mrs. Photogenic - Maria Zouvana (Cyprus)
Mrs. Body Beautiful – Natalia Stepanec (Russia)
Best in Evening Gown – Renata Voitechovskaja (The Baltic Coast, Lithuania)

Mrs. Universe 2010
Jennika Hannussari (Finland)

Mrs. European Union 2010
Elena Karakoleva (Bulgaria)

Mrs. Intelligence 2010
Engr. Muriel Moral-Pandi (Philippines)
The first and only Mrs. Intelligence of the Universe

The next MRS. UNIVERSE, the most honorable Woman of the Universe, could be you!

As Mrs. Universe is universal, candidacy is open to all married women on this whole planet (25 to 45 years old) regardless of nationality, race, color, culture, faith or religion, and ideology.

Married women from Canada, U.S.A., countries of South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia and New Zealand are invited to apply for candidacy. From all applicants, Mrs. Universe Ltd. (the Mrs. Universe Organization) will appoint the official Mrs. Universe delegate of each/all participating countries from all over the world.

For candidacy requirements, official application form, and info about Bulgaria, please visit (click on):

NOTE: A visa is needed for Bulgaria except for European citizens.

Send your application early, now!

You could be the next, new MRS. UNIVERSE, the Queen of the Universe.

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