Miss Belgium 2012 will be held on Jan 8, 2012 - Meet 20 of Miss Belgium 2012 (Miss België 2012) Finalists

Meet 20 of Miss Belgium 2012 Finalists

Miss Belgium (Dutch: Miss België, French: Miss Belgique, German: Miss Belgien) is the largest national beauty pageant in Belgium. Miss Belgium 2012 will be held on Jan 8, 2012. Justine De Jonckheere (photo above), Miss Belgie 2011 will crown her successor at the end of this event.

The new beauty queen will represent Belgium in Miss Universe 2012 and Miss World 2012 beauty contest.

Check out below are the 20 Finalists via for the crown.

Miss België 2012 - Finalistes

  • Sophie Boulanger
    Sophie Boulanger
  • Marilyne Peeters
    Marilyne Peeters
  • Jade Moens
    Jade Moens
  • Blerta Kamberi
    Blerta Kamberi
  • Ophélie Plompteux
    Ophélie Plompteux
  • Febe D'Haenens
    Febe D'Haenens
  • Ons Detaille
    Ons Detaille
  • Ginne Vander Weyen
    Ginne Vander Weyen
  • Laura Beyne
    Laura Beyne
  • Sherelle De Jong
    Sherelle De Jong
  • Aurore De Geest
    Aurore De Geest
  • Julie Ghoos
    Julie Ghoos
  • Justine Dubail
    Justine Dubail
  • Elien Van Stichel
    Elien Van Stichel
  • Albana Berisha
    Albana Berisha
  • Lise Steppé
    Lise Steppé
  • Adeline Ferard
    Adeline Ferard
  • Ines Fernandez Alonso
    Ines Fernandez Alonso
  • Virginie Philippot
    Virginie Philippot
  • Lindsey Van Gele
    Lindsey Van Gele
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