Mister Brazil 2011 contestant - Mister Islands Florianópolis 2011 - Nuhrich Henry

Mister Islands Florianópolis 2011

Representing the various islands that are home to much of the capital of Santa Catarina, Nuhrich Henry, 20, administrator, was elected on the casting Mister islands of Florianopolis.

"I feel honored to represent more than 30 islands that make up over 97% of the capital of our state, and may disclose the beaches and environmental projects," says the candidate.

Henry is 1.90 m tall, and holds its shape fighting jiu-jitsu, a sport that taught him the meaning of victory and also defeat.

Mister Islands Florianopolis would love to know the Dalai Lama, and if he could eat sushi every day!

He competes for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, May 7, at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

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