Mister Brazil 2011 contestant - Mister Big Island 2011 - Heron Salvini

Mister Big Island 2011

There is a new replacement in Ilha Grande, located in Angra dos Reis, a city that will host the 2011 Mister Brazil. Renato Ferreira after being invited to work in New York, now is the time of Samuel Vieira relinquishing title, is married and has one daughter, which goes against the rules of the competition Mister Brazil and the international competitions that this organization represents .

The new representative of the island is Heron Salvini, carioca, 1.80 m tall and 18 years.

Mister Big Island will compete for the title of the 2011 Mister Brazil Hotel do Frade , Angra dos Reis, between January and May 8. The final will take place on the 7th.

Among the awards he will receive the 2011 Mister Brazil is a scholarship offered by the Oswaldo Cruz University, valued at up to $ 100 000.

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