Mister Brazil 2011 contestant - Mister Paraíba 2011 - Cassius Almeida

Mister Paraíba 2011

It happened at Teatro Santa Rosa, João Pessoa, Paraíba Mister's election in 2011, attended the Miss World 2010 Paraiba, Larissa Almeida. Cassius Almeida, representative of the municipality of PIANC, was the winner.

Cassius Almeida, Mister Paraiba 2011.

He will represent on the Paraiba Mister Brazil 2011, between January and May 8 at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro.

Larissa Almeida, Paraíba Miss World 2010 with the newly elected Mister Paraiba 2011.

Cassius, Mister Paraiba 2011, gives a reporter on local television.

Special thanks and credits to Hermanny Cruz, coordinator of the Miss and Mister Paraíba & www.misterbrasilmundo.com.br

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